Course Description

Mindfulness as an area of study has witnessed an unprecedented rise in scholarly enquiry and its integration into various disciplines including Education. Mindfulness has emerged as a critical skill for 21st century teachers and learners. This course titled ‘Nurturing Mindfulness in Educators and Learners’ attempts to understand Mindfulness as a concept in detail. Further it intends to explore importance of Mindfulness in today’s fast paced modern life and also aims at equipping participants through learning of various Mindfulness based practices that would facilitate them to attain optimum physical, psychological and social well-being.

Course Content

MODULE 1Introduction to Mindfulness

  • Conceptual Framework: Meaning and Dimensions of Mindfulness
  • Need of Mindfulness in modern times
  • Spirituality guided Mindfulness 

MODULE 2:  Understanding Mindfulness as an emerging area of study

  • Mindful Schools and Educational Institutions
  • Initiatives taken by Nodal Agencies 
  • Learning from best practices

MODULE 3:  Benefits of Mindfulness for Educators and Learners

  • Benefits of Mindfulness for Educators
  • Benefits of Mindfulness for Learners
  • Making sense of myself and the world around through Mindfulness

MODULE 4:  Nurturing Mindfulness in Classrooms

  • Exploring Mindfulness based practices
  • Integrating Mindfulness into the teaching learning process
  • Role of Institutional Ethos in creating culture of Mindfulness
  • My Take away from the course

Course Audience

This course is open for all, but would be more beneficial for:

  • Aspiring pre- service Trainee Teachers
  • Progressive Educators associated with schools and higher education institutions
  • Visionary Parents and Counselors
  • A life-long Learner wish to optimize upon his/her human potentials

Outcomes of this Course

At the completion of the course, participants will be able to:

  • Explain the concept of Mindfulness.
  • List down various initiatives being taken up globally for the promotion of Mindfulness practice.
  • Identify benefits of Mindfulness in their personal and professional lives.
  • Practice Mindfulness in their daily lives.
  • Apply mindfulness into their respective area of profession/specialization.
  • Deal effectively with everyday challenges through Mindfulness.
  • Assess their progress post, adaptation of Mindfulness as regular practice.

About Certificates

Certificate of Completion will be given on

  • Completing post course assessment
  • Completing 80%  assignments and in built assessment activities