Emotional Intelligence

Emotional Intelligence

Course Description

The course aims at developing softs skills in student facilitators and through them, in their students. The content included emphasize specifically on enhancing emotional intelligence at personal and social level. Just like physical hygiene, emotional hygiene is also important. Unregulated emotions can cause equal or perhaps greater harm than caused by an untreated wound. An adolescent faces difficulty in handling particular emotions whereas an adult passes through a different kind of emotional turmoil. Besides this, the same emotion has different impact on different individuals depending on their perception and reaction. So, it is imperative to identify different emotions and know how to regulate them for positive emotional, mental and social wellbeing.

Course Content

MODULE 1: Introduction to Emotional Intelligence

Emotional Intelligence

Knowing Thyself

Effective Management Of Emotions

Habit Formation

Being Resilient

MODULE 2: Developing Social Skills

Being Empathetic

Conflict Management

Being Assertive

Peer Pressure

MODULE 3:  Creating an Environment for Emotional Intelligence

Emotional Intelligence in Children

Pygmalion Effect

Modifying Emotions

My Take Away from The Course

Course Audience

This course is open for all, but would be more beneficial for:

  • Aspiring and sensitive teachers
  • Community workers dealing with children
  • Progressive counselors
  • Proactive Student Teachers


Outcomes of this Course

At the end of module 1, learners will be able to …

  • Assess his/her self-awareness.
  • Manage themselves by making better choices, handling emotions and becoming resilient.

At the end of module 2, learners will be able to …

  • Resolve conflicts
  •  Deal effectively with their feelings, needs & relationships


At the end of module 3, learners will be able to …

  • Create a conducive environment for developing emotional intelligence among children.
  • Reduce students’ frustrations by helping them to get their needs met in a positive and healthy way besides utilizing classroom time productively. 

About Certificates

Certificate of Completion will be given on basis of fulfilment of following requirements:

1. Completing post course assessment

2. Participation in at least 3 discussion forums.