Development of research based pedagogical tools (RBPTS) for science education

Development of RBPTS

Course Description

Learner of 21st century is exposed to the ocean of information at her/his fingertips. A single query posed on a Google search engine gives an array of output hits. To maintain pace with the present generation of learners who are digital natives, the real challenge is faced by the teachers. The primarily role of a teacher as information provider has shifted to more challenging role of a mentor or a guide or a facilitator. Science teaching has always been a major challenge for teachers across grades globally. Teaching science with conventional methods would not be appropriate for today’s learners. Science teaching involves creating a learning environment wherein each learner deals with problem situations, engages in reflection within one self and with others, looks for concrete evidences and thereby construct one’s own knowledge.

The course aims in introducing research as a pedagogical tool to build an environment for the learner which promotes inquiry based learning. The Basic idea is to promote learners to think beyond the textbooks and do some research to understand the concept in more concrete way.

The course will acquaint science teachers to develop Research based pedagogical tools (RBPTS) which can be used effectively in teaching- learning process. The teachers will be on learner’s seat across the progression of the course so that they are able to shift gears in creating amazing experiences for their students.

Steps for registering for the course are:- 

1. Fill in the google form and submit

2. Go to and register

3. Go to and click on the Enroll button.

Course Content

Course is covered in three modules:-

Module 1: Introduction to RBPTS

Module 2: Flavour of RBPTS

Module 3: Making of RBPTS

Course Audience

Teachers, researchers, curriculum developers and students.

Outcomes of this Course

The major outcomes of the course are

  1. To understand the key features of Research-Based Pedagogical Tools and
    develop a plan to try at learner’s college/ institution.
  2. To enable the faculty (Learner) create student- centric learning environment
    infusing RBPTS. 
  3. To promote development of scientific temper in students by training teacher
    mentors of Science in higher education.


About Certificates

Certificates will be issued as follows

Participation certificate:- On completion of all three modules, all activities and tasks but without submission of final RBPTS strategic plan.

Certificate of Merit:- On completion of all three modules, all activities and tasks, with submission of final RBPTS strategic plan.