Counselling Skills for Teachers

Counselling Skills for Teachers

Course Description

Present course is an introduction to the concept of counselling and essential counselling skills required by teachers along with their regular teaching. The course is designed in a manner that it inculcates self-awareness, improves teacher-student relationship and empowers teachers to address the academic, emotional and relationship concerns of the student well within professional boundaries. The course content is interwoven with concept and practice, where each module interestingly slides through knowledge and skill practice.

Course Content

 Module I :Teachers’ self-Awareness, Attitudes and Values

Module II: Teachers as Counsellors: Necessity and Importance

Module III: Concept of Counselling and Essential counselling skills for teachers

Module IV: Scope of counselling for teachers

Module V: Ethics for teacher counsellors

Course Audience

Teachers and Educators from any field can join this course

Outcomes of this Course

At the completion of the course, teachers will be able to-

  • Identify their Attitudes and Values
  • Assess their level of self-awareness
  • Apply counselling skills for better student-teacher relationship
  • Identify and Handle students’ academic, emotional and relationship concerns at primary level
  • Identify cause of concern (red-flags) and connect students to the appropriate places for professional help
  • Practice counselling ethics within teaching boundaries

About Certificates

Two levels of certification are available based on participants'  level of participation and completion of tasks/activities:

Certificate of Completion:


1. Completing post course assessment

2. Participation in at least 3 discussion forums

3. Submission of a real case study, where you went through the process of counselling with any of your student