Spreading Happiness: Stress Management and Panchkosh Vikas


Course Description

Post 21st century we all are going through a very crucial phase in the human existence like the problems caused by LPG (Liberalization, Privatization and Globalization) and also the Corona pandemic. All these issues are making human life more stressful. To overcome the stress in our life we adopt many tools like meditation, reki and what not but to control and have a stress-free life we have to understand the human body thoroughly and the same is pointed in Taitariya Upnishad of Vedant Philosophy. Taitariya Upnishad says that human body is made of five sheaths –

  1. Annamaykosh (Food Sheath)
  2. Pranmaykosh (Energy Sheath)
  3. Manomaykosh (Mind Sheath)
  4. Vigyanmaykosh (Intellectual Sheath)
  5. Anandmaykosh (Bliss Sheath)


All these five sheaths are interconnected and depend on each other. Present project is going to study and elaborate these five kosh with the help of theory and practical as well. For which we are going to have live discussions, interviews, experience sharing.

Course Content

Course is divided into 4 weeks in 4 Modules

Module 1

Stress: Meaning and definition

Types of stress

Effects of Stress

Stress Management : Tools of Stress Management

Panchkosh Vikas: Introduction to five sheaths  Annamaykosh (Food Sheath), Pranmaykosh (Energy Sheath), Manomaykosh (Mind Sheath), Vigyanmaykosh (Intellectual Sheath), Anandmaykosh (Bliss Sheath)

Assignment: 01, Discussion – based on Stress and Panchkosh Vikas

QUIZ – MCQ based on

Module 2

Annamaykosh & Panmaykosh ( Food Sheath & Energy Sheath)




Module 3

Manomaykosh & Vigyanmaykosh ( Mind Sheath & Intellectual Sheath)

Module 4

Anandmaykosh ( Bliss Sheath)


All the four modules are loaded with info-graphs, PPT, Resource material, quiz, and assisgments.



Course Audience

Anyone interested in self development

HR professionals

Teacher Counsellors




Outcomes of this Course

Effectively managing stress and enjoy life happily and peacefully.

Panckosh Vikas is a scientifically proven philosophy of Taitariya Upansihad to have happy, stressless, peaceful and prosperous life and balanced life.

About Certificates

Certificates are provided to the participants:

- after watching all the videos and reading all the documents.

- Completion of all the assignments.

- Attempting all quizzes with minimum 50% scores.