Designing Flexible Approach Of Learning

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Course Description

This is a learning method related course focusing on flexible approach of learning. This course explores the theoretical background of universal design of learning. The in-service and pre-service teachers understand the flexible approach of learning. It is a flexible approach with innovative mode of delivery of content. This course designs various activities of learning and provide framework for flexible learning so that teachers know about how the students learn in their classroom. This course helps learners to understand concept, principle and framework of flexible learning approach. It also helps to realize the various way of learning and its assessment. Flexible learning is not a goal in itself but to improve learning experiences and learning outcomes. It is a practice in regular classroom teaching. Give the attention of all learners and their learning style and provide opportunities for them.

The instructional effect of this course is the in-service and pre-service teacher know the Flexible approach of learning and nurturing effect is they will also know about universal design of learning. This course will create duel effect on teaching and learning.

Course benefit at the students’ point of view that they learn through technology enabled learning methods. They have more choice in different kind of learning, face to face and blended and MOOC. It helps to improve learning experiences and including more experiential.

Sustainable Development Goal - Goal 4: Ensure inclusive and quality education for all and promote lifelong learning

Indicators of SDG-4 are reflected in this course. It is an effort to achieve the target of goal in small amount. In the goal the indicators are to:

  1. Ensure equal access to all level of inclusion including person with disability.
  2. Ensure all learners are require knowledge and skills for sustainability.
  3. Provide effective learning environment to all and also upgrade educational facilities.

To achieve this target teachers need to understand the learners to provide them necessary skills and knowledge. By using flexible approach of learning they create effective environment in their classroom. Teachers should be aware of the diversity of learners in their classroom and while adopting flexible approach they provide access to all level of inclusion.

Course Content

Module 1 Introduction of F.A.L

1.1 Concept & Definition of F.A.L.

1.2 Principles of F.A.L.

1.3 Objectives of F.A.L.

1.4 Benefits of F.A.L.

Module 2 Framework & designing of FA.L.

2.1 Multiple strategies for F.A.L.

2.2 Resources required for F.A.L.

2.3 Way of learning style

2.4 Structure of F.A.L.

Module 3 Implementation of the F.A.L.

3.1 Selection of the content

3.2 Design of the content according to learning style

3.3 Presentation of F.A.L.

3.4 Assessment of F.A.L.

Course Audience

             1) Preservice teachers (B. Ed & D. Ed)

             2).  In-service teachers

Outcomes of this Course

After completion of this course Participants will---

 Understand the concept of Flexible Approach of Learning

 Know the multiple strategies of flexible approach of learning.

 Design the framework of Flexible Approach of Learning.

 Assess the framework of Flexible Approach of Learning

About Certificates

The course is Free

After completion of course certificate will be given.It is required 70% in assignment submission and attempt Quiz on every week and 30% in reflection on forum ,video watching and participation in discussion forum.