Crafting Great Leaders

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Course Description

 A Leader plays an important role in every aspect of life, while a Great Leader is vital in all aspects of life for a Sustainable Progressive Development of people, and teams, in particular and the world in general.  So, what does it take to make a Great Leader?

It was during my tenure with the Indian Army, leading my men under most adverse conditions in to fierce battles, my team following me with supreme trust and unflinching faith in to raids beholding the knowledge that they might never return, which made me realise and understand on those traits which can transform an ordinary person or leader to an enviable position of a Great Leader.  Over the last few years, I have been using these key leadership traits successfully in the Corporate world and has seen the positive impacts, on leaders, their teams and to organisations on the whole.

Crafting Great Leaders is a short term open course associated with understanding those key traits which when habituated would carve a niche for aspirants who want to be Great Leaders. Who can take this course? Anyone who aspires to become a Leading force to bring about positive transformation in themselves and the teams they work with, including  young teens, new struggling entrepreneurs, first line leaders to top level management in corporate firms, teachers, government servants, politicians etc. This course is a must for those people who want to craft themselves into a league of Great Leaders, who inspires progressive development and instills confidence and trust needed to make people follow them with unflinching faith.

Scope of this project would be all-encompassing and can cater to a worldwide audience, for all those who work in close association with humans and their emotions, and intend to lead people, developing healthy environment from where social injustice, inequality, brutality, racism, bullying and such negative destructive traits can be mitigated. This may conceivably be done by developing these leadership trait awareness in individuals across fields of Education, Corporate, Industry, and Government.


Course Content

Introduction to Leadership.

Leadership Styles 

Leadership Traits

Key Leadership Traits to become a Great Leader


Course Audience

Aspiring Leaders and Existing Leaders from every field, including Education, Corporate firms, Start ups, Industries, Government servants and Politicians.

Outcomes of this Course

Appraising Leaders of those few Leadership Traits which when incorporated in their day to day life would make them a Great Leader who brings out progressive development and instills confidence in a team to follow with unflinching trust.

About Certificates

No Certifications would be issued as this course is aimed at self appraising Oneself after incorporating those certain traits which has the potential of crafting one to be a Great Leader.  Knowledge & successful implementation of that knowledge by itself would be the biggest certificate, as seen from my experience.